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ePolitical USA pioneers of political robo polling

We developed and launched our first political IVR Poll on October 31, 2002 for the Lynwood, California city council election. The results were right on the money. We have since designed and conducted hundreds of political IVR, interactive voice response, robo surveys nationwide and our experience has only helped us  fine tune our process to produce only best IVR robo poll results in the industry. Our polls are rarely off by more or less 1 percent.

Robo-polling is a growing industry,  Our experience has put us years ahead of the competition. We have learned that the appropriate introduction message with the correct calling list is of the utmost importance to attain the highest robo poll participation. Our innovations have got a remarkable 34% voter participation.

Our policy does not allow IVR survey polling to be manipulated to produce false results only designed to make you comfortable. The integrity and confidence in our robo-poll results report is of paramount importance to you as a client and to us as a vendor as well.  

Robopolls with integrity can verify your win is on track or identify changes that can be made to turn a losing campaign around. 


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Following are links to articles and poll studies written by third parties about robo polling. Please take time to read them.

How Robo Calls Work – The Cheap and Easy  Way to Poll, Published 08/08/2013 in The Globe and Mail  “Despite the unique issues related to IVR polling, it has performed well in recent elections. On average, IVR polling was the most accurate…”


"The Methods and Accuracy of Polling" printed in the Public Opinion Quarterly, Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the American Association for Public Opinion Research Vol 69 # 5


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