Grassroots Voter Tracking Software Program
Voter Tracking software "VoterNet"

This is the most powerful and simple to use voter tracking program available. VoterNET is scalable from the smallest city council race to statewide races, from single-user notebook computers to multiple users on local and wide area server based networks.

VoterNet is the ultimate grass roots tool! VoterNet keeps track of all your GOTV (Get Out the Vote) efforts. Use it to create every imagineable type of bar coded walking and telephone lists. Use a pen held scanner to quickly read, access, and enter the results of voter interaction. VoterNet is the greatest way to manage, keep track and insure your anticpated absentee voters expectations.

VoterNET is used by ePolitical.us campaign consultants when managing grass roots ground campaigns.

Key Details
  • Point and Click query

  • Identify voters and tag for follow up.

  • Create walk and call list

  • Create labels, printed or electronic

  • All walk and call list are bar coded.

  • Scan in voter id, and bulk entry capabilities.

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